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"UEFA EURO 2012 is the beginning, not the end"

Yaroslav Hrybalskyy is the chairman of t...

Dawid Zapisek 1998-2012

The CAFE team were deeply saddened to le...



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Welcome to CAFE


The official tournament charity of UEFA EURO 2012!



Respect Inclusion - Football with No Limits



UEFA has partnered with the Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE) to ensure disabled supporters can enjoy the tournament through full access to sports facilities and public spaces. However, the work on improving accessibility of sports facilities and public spaces for disabled people will extend beyond the tournament itself. CAFE is working with local NGO’s in Poland and Ukraine, and will continue these activities in the two host countries after the final whistle at EURO 2012 has blown.


Funds for these activities are being raised through official UEFA EURO 2012 tournament charity. Donating is easy - please hit the button below to donate via PayPal or click here for alternative methods.


UEFA is setting an example to all fans, UEFA EURO 2012 partners and football lovers by donating €3,000 for every goal scored at the tournament. You can find below some of the personal stories shared by disabled fans from around Europe, which highlight why this topic is so important.



Help us to make a difference by donating today.

Every donation counts!



€5 will buy a headset so that a blind supporter can receive special audio-described commentary at a live event


€50 will provide 150 access and disability awareness information leaflets for sports clubs


€200 will help disabled people to set up a local disabled fans group – empowering disabled people to work with their clubs to improve access


€500 will train a local volunteer to deliver specialised audio-descriptive commentary to blind fans


€1500 will provide the audio-descriptive commentary equipment for a sports club


€5000 will provide accessible transport to local disabled fans on match days for a whole season


€10,000 will enable a regional match buddy system to be established with volunteers helping disabled fans to attend live sports as companions or match buddies




Kiev brothers

When we left the stadium, it was shining like a diamond. It was beautiful. I will never forget this day and these emotions; I will keep this unforgettable atmosphere for the rest of my life.


Oleksandr and Valeriy Haiday, Ukraine


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Dawid Zapisek

"Quite simply, I just love football. We want to help to make the stadium as accessible and welcoming as it can be, for this would benefit everybody".


Dawid Zapisek, Gdansk


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Sergey Rozhentsov

"Just being in the stadium gave me a huge boost of energy, emotion and confidence. Watching football on the television is good, but nothing compares to being there live".


Sergey Rozhentsov, Kiev


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Marek Mizera

"I think that watching my team is like the engine in a motorbike. The more I watch them, the more it pushes me to work hard".


Marek Mizera, Gdansk


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Oleksandr Sydelnykov with his wife Yuliya"It is crucial that more is done for disabled supporters, as there is nothing better than football to bring people together. Being able to go and watch my team has made a huge difference to my life, and more people should have this opportunity".


Oleksandr Sydelnykov, Sevastopol


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Larysa Sayevich

"At the start of the seminar, I commented that listening to a football match was often like a black and white movie. By the end of it, I saw a rainbow".


Larysa Sayevich, Donetsk


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Please give generously – thanks to you we can make a real difference to many disabled people so they can enjoy football alongside their fellow fans – Access for All.